UV Index Awareness

UV Awareness is a very helpful and interesting website I found online. There are daily charts that show hourly UV Index scores for locations all over the world. Here in Portland, Oregon, I can view the chart that shows when I am at risk for greatest ultraviolet radiation from the sun. I have always thought that the hottest time of the day (typically late afternoon) is when I am more likely to get a sunburn. However, according to the UV Index chart, the highest risk is usually when the sun is highest in the sky, around 1pm.

This can help me by giving me an idea when the best time to go jogging outside is, or when I might need to put on sunscreen. I am especially aware of it now, with children of my own who enjoy playing outside.

The site also provides tips about how to protect yourself based on the specific UV Index score, the risks, and other additional information as well.

Stay safe out there in the electromagnetic radiation!

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