I found a great resource for schools wanting to organize their parent volunteers. Last year I discovered a wonderful new business called Calendly to solve my volunteer scheduling challenges. My problem was that I needed something that would integrate with Google Calendar and make my life easier. You might be thinking to yourself, How would people coming into your room to help you ever make your life more difficult? Well, sometimes I would not be expecting them because they weren't on my calendar, and so I would have to drop what I was doing, find something for them to help with, and then attempt to get back to what I was doing. Those of you who know me... I am not a multi-tasker! So, this is hard on me when trying to stay productive.

Calendly delivered! It integrates seamlessly with my Google Calendar, and if someone cancels, it shows the same event on my calendar, but updated with a strikethrough. It sends me notifications and reminders on my computer and phone so that I will be well-prepared for my volunteers beforehand. Now, almost a year after joining, they have added even more features. I can put all of my events for the school year onto Calendly, including events that require multiple volunteers (a feature not available in the past).

I love this service so much that I posted on Twitter recommending their service to other educators. Understandably wanting to grow their business, Calendly will be requiring its users to pay for an upgrade in order to keep the premium features. I emailed them to ask about how the upgrade works, and they offered me 50% off the price of the upgrade because I promoted their product by tweeting about them! Goes to show that being positive and spreading good news can pay off in the long run. The discount might also have to do with the fact that I'm a teacher, though... so if you are an educator, check out Calendly and ask for an educational discount.

View my classroom scheduler here:

Thanks again, Calendly! Sincerely your proud user,
Mr. Riedl

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