Riedl Rules & Consequences

In addition to the school rules (The Knights' Code: Responsible, Respectful, Honest, Safe, Kind), which all of the students are expected to follow anywhere on campus, I have my own classroom rules. I hold my students to high standards, and I expect their best every day.

These rules and consequences are referred to regularly as a classroom management structure to run my classroom. These are in place to help me do my best to teach and to protect each student's right to learn and enjoy school without interruption.

Riedl Rule 1 - Be respectful.
Riedl Rule 2 - Be responsible.
Riedl Rule 3 - There is a time and place for having fun and goofing around. There is also a time and place for working hard and focusing. Know the difference and act accordingly.

1st Consequence - Warning.
   - This is given as a courtesy reminder that they have broken a rule. This is the only consequence that does not affect their Citizenship Grade.

2nd Consequence - Talk with Mr. Riedl.
   - After the second time breaking a rule, I have a talk with them about what they are doing wrong, we discuss ways to help prevent any future problems, and I remind them that if they get another consequence then they'll have to write a letter home.

3rd Consequence - Sentences and Letter home to parents.
   - The third consequence is having to write 5 sentences on a sheet of paper, which hopefully helps them remember what the classroom expectations are. Then, I have them write a letter home to their parent/guardian(s) (using a pre-written prompt), which explains that even though they received two warnings to be on their best behavior, they still did not follow the rules. They also understand that they might also receive another consequence when they get home. I take a picture of their letter, then I email it to their parent/guardian(s) so they typically receive it before they see their child after school.

In addition to the rules and consequences, I use my Classroom Economy as a classroom management tool as well. It is integrated with classroom jobs, with rewards (bonuses) and consequences (fines). More details on the Classroom Economy page.