Student-Led Parent Conferences

This year we will be doing Student-Led Parent Conferences. Typically at WHCS, Parent-Teacher Conferences consist of the teacher sitting down with the parent(s) or guardian(s) and spending the time discussing how the child is doing so far in the school year. With Student-Led Parent Conferences, the student is present during the conference and will actually be leading the conversation about how their school year is going. In fifth grade, the students are certainly capable of leading the conversation, and it will also motivate them to do their best presentation for their family (hopefully!).

Here is how it will work...

  • In the weeks leading up to the dates of the Student-Led Parent Conferences, the students will be completing self-evaluation forms for how they believe they are doing so far. They will also be practicing how to lead their parents in the conference.
  • On the date of the conference, the student will come to the conference with their parent(s) or guardian(s) and will take them through a script, explaining their perspective on how their performance has been so far in the school year. They will present some of their work, their goals, and other forms relevant to their education.
  • Once the student is finished, Mr. Riedl will briefly share his perspective on the student's performance.
  • After a few more minutes of discussion, the student will wrap up the conference and thank his parent(s) or guardian(s) for supporting them by listening and taking their time to come.

Please remember that although I will be present and available to answer any questions, the student will be leading the discussion. The students will have practiced many proper ways to present information, including their strengths and weaknesses. Because the students spend a lot of time preparing in advance to lead the discussion during the conference, I will not meet with you if you do not bring your child with you to the classroom. It will undoubtedly be awkward if you show up without your child, since we will have to reschedule for a different date/time and I will have to turn you away, so please make sure to let me know ahead of time if there is a conflict.

Conference times are set for 20 minutes in length with a 10 minute transition time afterwards. Out of courtesy to others scheduled after you, please be on time. If you have deeper concerns than a 20 minute conference can remedy, I would be happy to schedule another time for us to meet.

Please visit the following link to sign up for conferences:

    >> Student-Led Parent Conferences Schedule via SignUpGenius