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Dear families of Mr. Riedl’s classroom (and anyone else who reads my updates),

Since it is a new year I decided to make a resolution to devote more time to my family (especially since Delaney will be born this month). One of the ways I can do this is by skipping a step in my newsletter-creation process. I will save time by not having to send email reminders to click on the link to go to my website. Rather, if you follow the steps to subscribe (below), then you will automatically receive the newsletter (or any other updates on my website) right there in your inbox.

How you want to stay connected to is up to you. Here are your choices:

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This will include all of the information that I post on the blog on my website (including newsletters, announcements, classroom photos, videos, helpful resources, etc.). I will do my best to not flood your inbox with junk. Everything that I put on my blog is thoughtfully considered to be useful for the families in my classroom.

Option 2) Subscribe by feedreader
A feedreader is a more advanced option for those that want to subscribe, but desire an alternative for how they receive the information. Click here to learn more.

Option 3) Do not subscribe
You will not receive updates. In order to stay connected, you must visit my website on your own. You do not need to do anything if this is the option for you.

"Awesome! How do I subscribe?" - click here and follow the steps

Remember: If you do nothing, then you will no longer receive emails with a link to my newsletters.

If you have trouble or additional questions, please let me know, and I will help you right away. Thanks so much for saving me time!

--Mr. Riedl

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