How to Write an Email to a Teacher

Writing an email to a teacher is different than writing one to a friend. Since a teacher is an authority figure and is one who expects you treat them with respect in person, they also expect their students and family members to send an email written with respect as well. So, this is a guide to help you know how to write an email to your teacher.

STEP 1For the Subject, make it short and use keywords.
For example, if your email is about your Science grade, then write "Science Grade" for the subject. Don't write "Hi" or "Sup."

STEP 2Use a proper greeting.
Write "Hi Mr. Riedl," or "Good morning, Mr. Riedl," as if you were speaking to them in person.

STEP 3The body of the message should contain complete sentences.
Use spellcheck with words that are misspelled (usually identified with a squiggly red underline), do your best with correct punctuation, and avoid texting language (i.e., lol, thx).

STEP 4Use a proper closing.
Pick an appropriate ending to your email, such as "Sincerely," "Your student," or something similar.


   Subject: My Science Grade

   Hi Mr. Riedl,

   How are you? I have a question about my Unit Research Assignment 
   from the Space unit. Why did I lose points on the source for Topic #1? 
   Thanks very much!

   5th Grade Student