Volunteer Info

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Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who have spent time inside and outside of our classroom! Serving by giving your time for the students is a wonderful gift that has an enormous impact on keeping our room organized and efficient. We are always looking for more people to serve, so please let me know if you want to help out!

Here are some ways that volunteers can help:
  • Assisting in the classroom 
    • Correcting papers, decorating/reorganizing, reading/leading groups with students, art literacy, bringing in guest speakers, sharing your experiences, etc.
    • Organizing classroom parties (food/decor, leading games, activities, etc.)
  • Chaperoning on field trips
  • Help with the classroom service project
  • Photography/videography
  • Lots more... let me know if you have additional ideas!

I have created a Volunteer Info Packet (right), which includes everything that volunteers in our classroom might need to know about grading. This packet is also located in the classroom, if you want to come help.

I understand that it can often be an inconvenience to volunteer, so we especially thank those who are able to make it a priority for our students! It is a wonderful example of an authentic community when we can all work together for a greater purpose. If you have any other questions about serving together, please contact me.


Thank you so much!
--Mr. Riedl